Go Straight Forward

I AM never confused, cannot be, and will never confuse you, says the LORD. The enemy is the one who takes much pleasure in distractions, confusions, uncertainty, questions, and frustrations. He is the author if indecisions, delays, denial. Road blocks do not come from me, and there are NO PITFALLS that I have created. When you come to a crossroad, the enemy wants you to stand there to see which way to go. NEITHER to the left nor right! There is no viable option except to CONTINUE to go straight forward, says the LORD.

There are no short cuts to success. Stay on the path that is well-lit, tried and true, says the LORD. You have your orders from Me. Go in this your might. Move with My Spirit, and follow My lead. It is not an obstacle course, and it is NOT an optical illusion. I have not placed you on a maze where you come to dead ends, go around in circles, and get lost. FOREWARD is FORWARD, and light is LIGHT. I will not have you GO BACKWARDS. What is past is PAST, and the future is always FORWARD. I have NEW steps for you to take that I have authored for you, and you will not need to guess or worry and wonder if they are right. JUST FOLLOW in the steps that I order, as I LEAD YOU and guide you continually, and be assured that it is the right way, the only way, and you will not come to a dead end, be given a detour, or fall into a trap or snare of the enemy. I Am with you and I cannot fall nor fail, so you will be safe and sound, secure and blessed, for you are MY beloved child, and My perfect plan will work wondrously for you, as you simply follow ME, straight forward, says the LORD.

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