Proclaim My Word

Prophesy into your situations, says the Lord.  Speak My Word!  For if you will SAY IT, I WILL DO IT. Release My Word into the atmosphere and watch Me fulfill it.  In these days I will cause. I will be the effect. I will transform. I will save. I will redeem. I will heal.  I will deliver.  I will provide.  Are you speaking it?  My voice is on the inside of you and I want it to become audible.  I want My voice to echo My will and allow My power to fill the very environs and change people, places and things.  It is My powerful Word on the inside of you that you MUST listen to and obey.  Speak boldly.  Proclaim.  For this is NOT your thoughts and ways, but Mine, says the Lord.

Quiet yourself in My presence and still the external voices that clamor for your attention, says the LORD. Still the illegitimate voices of others that desire to dictate and control and distract you from MY VOICE.  I will speak clearly and decisively to you as I have said I would.  You can distinguish MY voice from your own if you will quiet your own thoughts and listen to Mine.  Did you think that I would NOT speak and direct you in the way that you should go?  Did you believe that My voice is only for a few to hear?  I said My sheep will hear and know My voice.  You are part of MY flock.  So attune your ears to hear, and YOU WILL KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that it is I Who am directing. I AM speaking.  Let your voice proclaim what you hear and be bold and brave to release MY sound in the earth that will minister to the hurting, the struggling, the wounded, the frail, and even the fallen.  I Am sending My Word to heal in these days, and Am calling forth those who will not only hear, but obey. This is YOU, says the Lord.  You are not exempt.  Listen and obey.  Do it!  A doer of My Word includes what I AM speaking NOW, says the Lord. If you will follow My lead, if you will believe My voice, if you will obey My word, then you will see My work go forth that will create and bring healing and provision and help that is beyond human understanding in these times.  Not only will it help others, but it will help you as well.  Do not second guess My voice and leadership.  Take My word and move in the direction that I Am leading, and all will be well, says the Lord.

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