Daily Devotional: Gracious and Compassonate

Lord, you have done great and awesome things in our lives, and we remember them. There is nothing that escapes your attention, and you know everything that we are going through, and are aware of every need and concern that we have. You are gracious and compassionate, and we entrust all our lives to you, knowing you are the source

Daily Devotional: Compassion and Mercy

Thank you, Lord, that you are full of compassion for us. It never runs out. You are gracious, patient, have have never ending mercy and truth. We are depending upon your faithfulness as we engage in our daily activities today. Our difficulties are not hard for you, and we turn them over to you, knowing that you will take care

Patient and Kind

I Am love, and My love for you is patient and kind. It is enduring, and consistent, says the LORD. I Am very merciful and gracious onto you, and My compassions for you are new every day. You will know Me as faithful and true. I know the things that vex you and cause you stress and concern. Those things