Judgment and Justice

Leave all judgment and justice onto Me, says the LORD. For I Am a GOD of judgement and justice and righteousness. I know everything and everyone. I see the hidden agendas and know the thoughts and intent of every heart. I know the things that are planned in secret that oppose you. I know every evil and intent of everyone,

Justice Served

I Am a God of judgement and justice, says the LORD. The evil one that has plotted against you, robbed and spoiled you, will be robbed and spoiled. Nothing that he has gained will benefit him. You will pursue the enemy that has pursued you. You will recover all and spoil his camp. For that which has been violently taken

I Have the Last Say

I have the LAST SAY, says the LORD. My judgement stands! None can go to a court of appeals to nullify My WORD, for it cannot be changed, denied or undone. I have spoken and it shall stand, for I watch over My WORD to perform it. Nothing will alter the WORD that I have spoken over you, says the