Daily Devotional: Prosperous and Healthy

Lord, we thank you that you lavish your love upon us, and we are blessed. Even as we desire our loved ones to be prosperous and healthy, you want us be provisioned and completely well. You paid the price for our healing and salvation, and we look to you for healing and deliverance, wellness and wholeness, and that you will

A Good, Successful Future

Look ahead and focus your attention on the good things that I have in store for you, says the LORD. Do not keep looking back at the things that disappointed you, the troubles that you had, the things that you lost, and the unresolved issues that only generate more frustrations than solutions. Let go of those things that are behind

You Will Not be Moved

  As you seek Me and My kingdom and My righteousness, and make that your pursuit and priority, I will give you satisfaction, says the LORD.  I will satisfy your mouth with good things.  I will satisfy the longing of your soul.  I will satisfy your indebtedness, as I teach you wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  I will illuminate the path