Be Calm. Be Quiet. Be at Peace!

Peace is My prescription for you, says the LORD. I Am not the author of the chaos and the outrageous things that the enemy is planning are NOT of ME. My peace is what I have ordained for you, and even in the midst of the most hideous disruptions, you can be still and KNOW that I Am your GOD

Daily Devotional: Mighty to Save

Thank you, Lord, that you are in the midst of us. You are mighty to save, and you rejoice over us with singing and great joy, because we belong to you. You have paid the price for your salvation and deliverance, and greatly love us and value us. We can depend upon your faithful, meticulous care, and your ever-present help

Daily Devotional: Peace

Thank you, Lord, for giving me peace in my present storm that surpasses my own understanding. I lean upon your infinite understanding, your meticulous care of Me, and trust that you will calm the storms that rage against me, quiet my fears, and give me ultimate please in my mind and heart, because I trust in you. Amen.

Be Quiet and Rest in My Presence

Be quiet and rest in My presence, says the LORD. For I Am in the midst of you. I Am in the midst of the storms that you are in and I will be present in the sudden storms that you did not even anticipate. I have it. I have you. I Am your place of security at all times,

Daily Devotional: Provision, Peace and Rest

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a beautiful, plush, green pasture, where I can enjoy your provision in your presence every day. You provide me with a safe and quiet place of rest for my body, soul and spirit. You quiet my troubling thoughts fears as I make you My trust. I have peace, for you are with Me to

Calm Down When Things Seem Out of Control

I do not want you in a frenzy, says the LORD. Calm down when things seem out of control for you. Remember that I Am with you, and NOTHING is out of MY control, and nothing escapes my knowledge and awareness. I KNOW what is going on in the world. I see it all. I understand your concerns and care

Daily Devotional: Love, Power, Soundness of Mind

Thank you, Lord, for quieting My fears. You have given Me soundness of Mind, as I listen to your Word, receive your unending, unimpeachable love, and you empower me in my life. I can overcome every obstacle, face every uncertainty, and withstand any storm in life, because of the calm assurance that I have as I place My trust in

Daily Devotional: Storms Calmed

Thank you, Lord, for calming the raging storms that are without and within, as I trust in you in the middle of the on slot of even unexpected circumstances. You will still the winds of adversity and bring me into my desired haven, as I entrust My care to you. You are My place of safety, and the storms will

Daily Devotional: You Quiet Our Fears

Lord, I thank you that when I am afraid, I can put My trust in you. You will quiet My fears and give me the assurance that no matter how bad things are, you are with me and those I love, to secure us, protect us, help us, and provide everything we need. Your presence is comforting and we have

Sustainable Peace

My Peace that I give you is sustainable, says the LORD. It is not shaken or removed by the circumstances in your life. No matter what is happening, has taken place or what you will face in the future, you can have My abiding peace. I will quiet your fears as you trust in My presence and power and provision