Daily Devotional: Comforted in Sorrow

Thank you, Lord, that you will comfort me in my days of mourning. You were a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief, and are aware of Mine. You are the sympathizing Savior that cares about how I feel. You will hold Me tightly in your arms, and reassure Me that better days are coming, and the pain in my

I Am Your Comforter

I know the sorrow of you heart, says the LORD. I care about your feelings. I understand the pain that you are experiencing, and Not only have I come along side to help, but I Am your Comforter. I will hope you tightly in My loving arms and reassure you that I Am not only present, but WITH YOU in

I Am Near to You

Don’t succumb to the voice of the dark one when he says you are not going to make it, says the Lord. He will try to convince you that you are not strong enough, wise enough or experienced enough, and you are going to utterly fall and fail. That is not what I Am saying. I Am your strength, and