Fiery Trials to Revival Fire

I have already called and chosen My remnant and they are in the fiery trials, says the LORD.  Will you endure hardness as a good soldier in Me? For only those who will walk with Me in the midst of the fiery furnace will Have My fire within them that will empower them in the coming days ahead.  I Am refining My remnant. I Am purging them and purifying them in the refiner’s fire. You have wanted to be delivered out of the furnace, but I Am teaching you in the furnace.  Although you were thrown into the furnace that was seven times hotter than it was made to be by your enemies, and you were bound and powerless, you are walking freely in the furnace with ME.  You are not bound. You are free.  Your enemies can only look on in dismay. They have no power to bind you. They cannot destroy you.  They cannot even get near you because of the heat from the fire. All they can do now is observe.  Nothing can touch you. The enemy used up all of his best weapons and power and was not able to destroy you, nor will be able to do so, says the LORD.

Those who will walk with Me in the fiery furnace will walk with Me in a liberty that they never thought possible before, says the LORD. For the fiery furnace only purges and cleanses and separates from all false authorities and nothing will bind My chosen again.  My fire will be in them that is unquenchable.  The fire of My spirit that I baptized them in will be in them and flow out of them.  Revival fires are coming and they will call down My Holy fire.  Remember My servant Elijah who said, “The God who answers by fire, let Him be GOD.  I will answer by fire for My remnant, who will be promoted and used mightily for My glory in the harvest that is coming!   They will be pure and holy, as I separate them fully onto Myself for Myself. They will do MY bidding regardless of the naysayers. They will carry My unquenchable fire of revival that will invade every place the soles of their feet trod and they will be undefiled and untainted by the WORLD.  They will be separated from the systems of the WORLD and invade the kingdoms of the World with MY KINGDOM. They will be the undefeatable remnant that will bring in the harvest of souls, for they have endured and will endure, and will be My chosen vessels that I will entrust with My unimpeachable power, says the LORD.

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