There Will Arise a Great Army of Ready Warriors

Great is My faithfulness to you at all times, says the LORD. I have kept you all the days of your life, and you are where I want you to be right now. I Am the One who shifts you, and your times and seasons are in My hands that are in control of your destiny. Be assured that I

Fortified Remnant Warriors

Do not allow yourself to despair because of the fiery trials that will perfect you, but stand firm in the faith. Trust that I Am with you always, not just to see you through, the difficulties, but to purify and effect you for that which I will use you for, says the Lord, Just as I am faithful and true,

I Am Calling For Ready Trained and Fierce Warriors

I have not called you to be a bench warmer or a cheer leader, but one who is out on the field of action, says the LORD. It is not a playing field, a recreation room, a sports event or entertainment. It is a battlefield! I did not train you for war games. It is THE REAL THING! DO OR