I have called and chosen and prepared My remnant for such a time as this, says the LORD. They are MY shining lights on the earth. They will bear My Word that demonstrates My power to heal, deliver, and great miracles will be continually on display. The evil one cannot heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, open blind eyes, cause the main to be made whole, the lamb to walk, and the deaf to hear. There is NO life in evil. But I am the resurrection and the life, and the living GOD in you, says the LORD.

I Am alive forevermore, says the LORD. My Word is alive, and I will do great and mighty things in the midst of you to show forth My mighty power. I Am with you, and as you arise and shine, and live in My glory, you will SEE My glory, and will not say, “The GLORY OF THE LORD has departed from us.” I will use my remnant, and they will bring the harvest in that will be plenteous, for I will confirm My Word with MIRACLES, signs and wonders that cannot be mimicked, and the earth will know that I AM alive and well, and working, and there is NO OTHER GOD besides Me, says the LORD.

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