Seek Me Fully

As you seek My kingdom and My righteousness first in your life, then you will have everything that you need always, says the LORD. Seek Me fully with your whole heart. Press into My presence. Do not visit Me! Live in My presence, says the LORD. Do not just seek My kingdom, for I have called you to come into

I Am Infallible

I Am unsurpassed, says the LORD. I Am infallible. I never suffer a set-back and there is nothing that can dictate to Me. I Am the Almighty GOD and there is no other GOD beside ME. I Am the ultimate power! Look to Me, for what you need is not complicated for ME. What you desire is never beyond My

Silence Your Fears

I will silence your fears, says the LORD, for I Am your faith. I Am your source and I Am your all in all. As you look unto Me, you will realize that you have nothing to fear. I have not failed you, and I will Am not failing you now and I never will. I have been with you

Your Continual Source

I Am your continual source, says the LORD. I never cease to supply, and I Am unlimited. I have an endless supply that can never be depleted or diminished. I Am everything that you need, and I will supply your need as you fully trust in Me at all times. I will not disappoint you or deny you of anything

I Will Renew You

As you wait on Me, I will renew your strength. I will renew you! I will be the cause and the effect, says the LORD. Wait for Me to give you the desires of your heart. You own efforts will not produce what I can do. Trust that I Am good for it. Believe that I Am a GOD of

I Am Activating You

I Am activating you by My Spirit, says the LORD. For I Am not calling you to be passive in your faith, but passionate. I Am calling you into My presence. Pursue My Kingdom and My power and MY glory and My righteousness that is in My presence, says the LORD. Do not become idle or complacent. Let your faith

Fully Furnished

I have fully furnished you onto every good work, says the LORD. I have not left anything undone or unfinished. When I said it is finished, as I gave My life for you on the cross, it was. My shed blood has eradicated all that was sin and death in you and you will not reap that harvest. I call

I Am That Friend

I Am that friend that sticks closer to you than a brother, says the LORD. For there is never a time that I will abandon you or unfriend you. I will never block you. I will never turn My back on you. There is nothing that you can tell Me that will shock Me. Come boldly to Me and share

Exercise Your Faith

I am calling you to exercise your faith in Me and My Word, says the Lord. Yes, take Me at My Word. Believe what I have said. Speak it. Act on it boldly. I would not promise something that I will not make good, says the Lord. I Am not favoring others above you. My word and My will and

My Joy Is Your Strength

My joy is your strength, says the LORD. Come into My presence where your joy will be full and overflowing. I Am your unimpeachable joy, regardless of the circumstances that surround you. Come away from the stress and the pressures and the demands that are vying for your attention and receive of Me. I will refresh you and you will