My Faithfulness Is Inexhaustible

My faithfulness is inexhaustible and renewable, says the Lord.  It is new every morning.  I Am faithful throughout the long, dark night of your experience.  I Am never NOT faithful.   Even in times when you walked away from Me, I remained faithful to you.  I never lost sight of you when you had your back to Me.  When you lost

There Is No Fear in Love

There is no fear in Love, says the Lord. My perfect love casts out all fear. I have perfect love for you. You can trust in My love that is unconditional for you. You can depend upon it. I will be with you all the way, for My love never fails. Love is of Me, for I AM love, says

My Hand Is Not Short

My hand is not short concerning you that it cannot save, says the Lord.  I Am all-powerful, all-wise, ever-present, all-knowing, all-seeing, and all reaching, says the Lord.  You are not out of MY control or My ability to rescue you and those you love from the forces of the enemy that are attacking and endeavoring to assault you.  The enemy is a liar

My Grace Is Sufficient for You


My grace is sufficient for you and My strength is make perfect and complete in your weakness, says the Lord. I Am the strength of your heart; I Am the strength of your life. Even as My word declares, “Let the weak say, ‘I am strong,” you are strong in Me and the power of My might, says the Lord.

Many Waters Cannot Quench the Love

Many waters cannot quench the love that I have for you, says the Lord.  My love is everlasting and infallible.  It is unconditional.  It is unearned.  It is undeniable.  It is constant.  It is enduring.  It is unchangeable.  No matter what you are going through and no matter what the times and seasons are in your life, no matter what the

I’m Turning Things Around for You

I’m turning things around for you, says the Lord.  I will turn things around.  I Am turning your sorrow into joy.  I Am turning your night into day.  I Am turning defeat into victory.  I Am turning poverty into provision.  I Am turning sickness into health.  I Am turning weakness into strength. I will do it, says the Lord.  I Am able to do all things for

I Have given You the Keys to My Kingdom

I have given you the keys to My kingdom, says the Lord.  Not only do you have access to My very thrown, I have given you the keys that gives you entrance into the storehouse of blessings.  Yes, I have given you the keys.  That means ownership, for all that I have is yours.  I have not kept anything from you.  I have not denied you

I Am Your Dwelling Place

I Am your dwelling place, says the Lord.  Yes, you are safe and secure in Me.  My goodness and mercy belongs to you all the days of your earthly sojourn, and you are unshakable in Me.  You are immovable in Me.  I Am that foundation that does not shift or sink.  You can stand upon Me without fear of failure or falling. I Am the one who keeps

My Promises Are Unimpeachable

My promises are unimpeachable for those who will receive them by faith, says the Lord.  I cannot change.  My Word cannot change.  It does not change because of times and seasons. It does not change because of your circumstances.  It does not change because of persecutions.  It does not change because of any assault against it.  It remains the same, yesterday, today

I Have Not Abandoned You

I have not abandoned you, nor have I aborted My plan for your life, says the Lord.  You are in the very palm of My hands that have shaped you and formed you for My Kingdom purpose, power and glory.  I Am on task even now formulating that which concerns Me within you.  You are My workmanship, created in Me and for Me.  My desires for