Choose My Counsel

Come and reason with Me and choose My counsel, says the LORD. Your human reasoning is inadequate, for it comes from the soulish realm. Choose My counsel which is higher. For the wisdom of this world is insufficient and if you follow what is right in your own eyes or the eyes of others, it will be sensual and destructive. Follow on to know Me and My ways, for My wisdom cries in the streets and it is not unattainable to you. FOLLOW ON TO KNOW ME, for when you do, you will discover My ways. Follow hard after ME, and do as I say, for then and only then will you have good and continual success, says the LORD.

My way is straight and narrow, not crooked and winding, says the LORD. Going round and round the mountain is not of My leading. It is time to hear and obey. Move forward in the path that I Am leading as you abandon yourself to Me and squelch out the inferior counsel of others and follow Me. My wisdom seems foolish onto many, but it will tend to life and peace always and you will overcome the wicked one and fully possess your personal promised land. It is conditional upon your submission onto Me and My counsel, which will not evade you when you press onto Me and wait on Me. I will surely speak and if you will hear My voice and follow Me, you will have good success and never fall or fail, says the Lord.

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