Do Not Stagger

Do not stagger at My promises, says the LORD, but receive them by unwavering faith. For it is your faith that pleases ME. What I have what pleases you. I have joy for you that is full and unspeakable in My presence, says the Lord. DO not receive what the enemy has for you. Refuse it. Reject it. Deny it

Keep on Pursuing Me

I will persue God's plan and purpose

Keep on pursuing Me and make Me your continual priority, says the LORD. I Am the same for you, the changeless One and the One who has kept you all the days of your life. I have not failed you, and I will not abandon you now. Make My will your priority and I will reveal it to you one

Your Future

Your future is in my hands, says the LORD. I have YOU in the palm of MY hands. I have no problems and nothing takes Me by surprise. I Am never late and there is nothing that causes Me to fear. I have given you options. Fear Me and not the future. For I Am always in control. I Am

Decree and Declare

Decree and declare My WORD, and speak what I Am speaking and what I have spoken over your life, says the Lord. Do not rehearse what the enemy has spoken, for I want your voice to align with Mine always. My thoughts are good toward you. My plans are only good plans to bring you success and not defeat, and

Speeding Up

I am speeding up things for you, says the Lord, for the days of acceleration are upon you. You have been trudging along at a snail’s pace and often a standstill. Now is the time to progress and press forward. I have opened the door for you and you have access to the impossible, the spectacular, the supernatural in Me.

The Enemy’s Strong Hand

I will deliver you from the enemy’s strong hand and break all of his weapons in two, says the LORD. I will fight for you. I Am with you to defend you and protect you and battle for you, for the battle is always Mine. Stand still and see My great salvation. Stand firm in Me! Be still and know

Give Place to Me

Give place to Me, says the LORD. Give Me all the room to work in your life and do not give any place to the enemy. DO not give place to him in your mind and thoughts, but give place to My thoughts in you that are higher than yours. Think big and beyond! Enlarge your thinking to line up

Activate Your Faith

Activate your faith in Me, and concentrate on Me and My Word, says the LORD. My promises to you are unimpeachable. I said YES! I WILL! I will give you the desires of your heart. I will provision you in every area of your need. I will heal you. I will keep you as the GOOD SHEPHERD that laid down

Don’t Be Anxious

Don’t be anxious about anything, says the LORD. Trust in ME at all times. You do not have to worry or fret about the future that is already in My hands. I Am in control of everything and nothing escapes My attention. You do not have to try to convince Me. I Am all knowing. I see the very desires

Stretch Your Faith

Stretch your faith in Me, says the LORD. Expand your vision. See what I want you to see. Hear what I want you to hear. Embrace what I have for you, says the LORD. Your vision is too narrow and you have not looked beyond the perimeters that you have set. You have placed limits that I keep you from