Your Hiding Place

I Am your hiding place, says the LORD, and I will keep you in the midst of every storm and protect you from every weapon that is formed against you.  But I Am taking you out of hiding.  You are a light that must be seen.  You are a voice that must be heard.  I Am not keeping you silent,

Measure of Faith

I have given to you the measure of faith. It is sufficient for you at all times and in every situation. It came from ME, and is pure and holy. Do not look at faith as being abstract from you or ordinary, for whatever comes from Me is not common but extraordinary. USE YOUR FAITH.  It is not something to possess, but use, says the LORD.   You

Sure-footed and Steady

I have made you sure-footed and steady in this season, says the Lord.  I will hold you up and keep you from falling.  Trust that as you lean on Me, I Am supporting you.  You will not falter in the way as long as you are trusting in My unfailing hands. I will steady every step and clear the way ahead.  I Am with

I Have Given You All Things

Freely I have given to you all things, says the Lord.  I have accomplished for you what you could never accomplish for yourself.  I have paid the price for your salvation, redemption, healing, deliverance and given you unspeakable gifts. I have anointed you with My Spirit and invited you to be at home in My presence.  There is nothing that

My Blessings

I am commanding My blessings upon you, says the Lord.  There is no sorrow attached to them. I will pour them out upon you freely and lavish them upon you.  You have toiled through the heat of the day and endured the long, fiery trials of affliction.  It has been a long and enduring season, and you have had your patience stretched continually.  But

Nothing Is Impossible

There is nothing impossible with Me, says the Lord, and nothing beyond My power.  I Am on task, and I will do great and mighty things in the midst of you as you place your faith and trust in Me.  I Am not only a can do God, but I will!  I will to heal you.  I will go provision you.  I will to help

Your Breakthrough Is Coming

Your breakthrough is coming, says the Lord.  Do not give up when the enemy has increased his warfare against you.  It is only because he is losing the battle and the war.  I Am increasing My angelic power to assist you as you work toward the final push.  Not only will your breakthrough happen but you will push the enemy

I Am Your Keeper

I have provisioned every part of your existence, says the Lord. Nothing is exempt.  I have kept you in the past.  I Am your keeper today, and I will be your inexhaustible supply tomorrow, says the Lord.  Since your destiny that often seems distant and difficult and unachievable for you, remember that it is nothing for Me.  I Am the

Come into My Presence

There remains a rest for those who belong to Me, says the Lord.  Enter into My rest by faith.  I will give strength to the weary and restore comforts to you.  Come into My presence and rest in Me.  Though you are heavy laden, come to Me and cast your burdens upon Me and allow Me to sustain you.  Take

I Have given You the Keys to My Kingdom

I have given you the keys to My kingdom, says the Lord.  Not only do you have access to My very thrown, I have given you the keys that gives you entrance into the storehouse of blessings.  Yes, I have given you the keys.  That means ownership, for all that I have is yours.  I have not kept anything from you.  I have not denied you