Your Breakthrough Is Coming

Your breakthrough is coming, says the Lord.  Do not give up when the enemy has increased his warfare against you.  It is only because he is losing the battle and the war.  I Am increasing My angelic power to assist you as you work toward the final push.  Not only will your breakthrough happen but you will push the enemy

I Am Your Keeper

I have provisioned every part of your existence, says the Lord. Nothing is exempt.  I have kept you in the past.  I Am your keeper today, and I will be your inexhaustible supply tomorrow, says the Lord.  Since your destiny that often seems distant and difficult and unachievable for you, remember that it is nothing for Me.  I Am the

Come into My Presence

There remains a rest for those who belong to Me, says the Lord.  Enter into My rest by faith.  I will give strength to the weary and restore comforts to you.  Come into My presence and rest in Me.  Though you are heavy laden, come to Me and cast your burdens upon Me and allow Me to sustain you.  Take

I Have given You the Keys to My Kingdom

I have given you the keys to My kingdom, says the Lord.  Not only do you have access to My very thrown, I have given you the keys that gives you entrance into the storehouse of blessings.  Yes, I have given you the keys.  That means ownership, for all that I have is yours.  I have not kept anything from you.  I have not denied you

I Am Not the Author of Discouragement

I Am not the author of discouragement, says the Lord.  Do not be discouraged.  Do not let the things that you are going through to embitter you.  Take courage in Me and fight the good fight of faith.  You know that the outcome will be good when you do.  This is not too hard for you, because I Am with

A Bountiful Harvest Awaits You


A bountiful harvest awaits you, says the Lord.  You have sown in tears, and you will reap in joy. You have labored, you have endured the long season of waiting for the precious seed to produce.  Your labor is not vain in Me, and you will reap what you have sown.  You have labored through the long blistering hot trials and testing of your faith.  You have

Hold Fast to Your Confession of Faith in Me

Hold fast to your confession of Faith in Me, says the Lord. Don’t let the negative thoughts of the dark one infiltrate your mind and interfere with your faith in Me. Be steadfast in your faith. Do not waver. Do not give up! You know Me. You Know of My power. You have heard of the things that I have

Your times Are in My Hands

Your times are in My hands, says the Lord.  Yes, I order every step.  I know the way that you take.  Your future is in My hands, and I have good plans for you.  I Am involved in the totality of your life, and every moment is important to Me, because you are important to Me, says the Lord.  Trust

Take Authority

Lift up your voice like a trumpet, says the Lord, and boldly take authority over the storms of life that are threatening those that you love, and you.  Yes, I have given you this power and authority in My Name.   Use it, says the Lord.  Winds of adversity have not been sent by Me.  It is the enemy’s doing.  Do

Exercise Your Faith in Me

I am calling you to exercise your faith in Me and My Word, says the Lord.  Yes, take Me at My Word.  Believe what I have said.  Speak it. Act on it boldly.  I would not promise something that I will not make good, says the Lord.  I Am not favoring others above you.  My word and My will and My