Let My Voice In You Resound

     Lift up your voice like a trumpet, and boldly proclaim My Great Name, says the Lord. Let My Word, that is a fire, erupt from your mouth. Speak, so that you can be hard. Let My voice in you resound, even as the voice of many waters, so that many will hear. Do not hide in the corner,

Bold and Strong

Be bold and brave and strong in Me, says the LORD.  For I will fortify you, and strengthen you and help you, says the LORD.  Your heart will be knit with Mine, and you will have My thoughts in you. I will give you courage, and you will be filled with My might and power and glory.  You will stand

Don’t Get Battle Fatigued

I Am your Commander-In-Chief, and I will never send you on a mission that you are not fully trained, equipped, and ready for. I will lead the troops, as I go before you and prepare every step of the way. The path will be well lit, and you will not stumble or fall, and you will not be ambushed. The

Revival Fire

Get ready for revival, says the LORD. Get ready for the outpouring of My Spirit and My glory. For I will pour out My fire and My glory. I will astound you with My power. I will be on display, for I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you. I will do great and might things in your

Position and Honor

Do not lament over your losses, says the LORD.  Though your Zig-lag has been burned to the ground, and your goods stolen from you, I have better things in store for you.  The new is better than the old.  You have been despised and rejected of some.  Your own has not received you.  But I have received you and accept

You Have a Living Hope!

Your happiness is not dependent upon your circumstances, says the LORD.  Your joy in Me is your strength.  Your hope is not empty as others who have no faith in Me.  You have a lively hope, because of My grace that I have given you as you have believed in Me and received Me as the LORD of your life. 

I Have Not Lost You

I have not lost you, says the Lord. You are in My sight always and you are never out of My reach. I Am aware of your surroundings and know exactly what you are facing. Nothing is beyond My power and I Am the authority. I create. I provide. I Am your help, and I will not abandon you. I

I Am Everything

I AM everything that you need Me to be, says the LORD. EVERYTHING! I Am your All in All. I have all that you need. I Am still creating. I Am still framing with My Word. I An still developing, planning and implementing My will, My Work and My pleasure, says the LORD. There is nothing beyond My ability and

I Will Give You My Power

I will give you My power, says the LORD, and you will live in My glory. Walk in My SPIRIT. Live In My Spirit. Live in Me, says the LORD and let My glory surround you, fill you and refresh you. For I have not reserved a few seats in My presence to give them special attention, honor and preferable

My Word

My Word in you is like a fire, says the LORD. My Word is Like a hammer and a two-edged sword proceeding out of your mouth. With My word, you will cut the heads of demons off. You will Cut off the heads of the giants. You will set on fire the works of the enemy and burn them to