Promotion and Advancement

Promotion and advancement come from Me, says the LORD. As you come to Me and recognize Me as your GOD, I will recognize you as My child. Come as a child and let me elevate you in My presence. For all that I have for you begins in the unseen things of My SPIRIT. I will make Myself manifest in

I Am Your Portion

I Am your portion, pressed down, shaken together and running over.  It is a good portion, enough to live on, enough to give and enough to fill your store houses.  I have an abundant supply of all you need.  I Am your refuge and your portion in the land of the living, says the Lord.  I have blessed you abundantly,

I Am Promoting You in My Presence

I am promoting you in My presence, says the Lord.  You didn’t want to stay in the same place doing the same thing all the time, did you?  I Am bringing you up higher.  Yes.  Get ready for the elevator ride in Me, says the Lord.  You have asked for more. You have desired to get out of stagnation.  I