Keep on Pursuing Me

I will persue God's plan and purpose

Keep on pursuing Me and make Me your continual priority, says the LORD. I Am the same for you, the changeless One and the One who has kept you all the days of your life. I have not failed you, and I will not abandon you now. Make My will your priority and I will reveal it to you one

Look to Me

Look to Me for all things, says the LORD, for I Am your complete source in everything. I will lead and guide you continually as you silence the illegitimate and negative voices that are vying for your attention and place your focus on Me and My WORD, says the LORD. For there are many voices in the earth, and you

You Are Not a Castaway

You are not a castaway, says the LORD.  I have not thrown you away, overlooked you, forgotten you or abandoned you. You are not on the shelf collecting dust.  You are not just an ornament to look at either.  I have a purpose for you and the best that is yet to come.  Your past is not your goal.  Do not

Take Hold of My Promises

Take hold of My promises, says the LORD. They have not changed. They are not off the table. They are fixed and unimpeachable! They are real and not a mirage. I accomplish exactly what I say, and I DO what I promise. I give exactly what I said I would give you, and that includes the desires of your heart.

Excellantly and Extravagantly

I do all things excellantly and extravagantly, says the Lord. I Am more than enough. and I Am that for you. There is nothing hid from Me, for I Know all things. I Know your heart and see your greatest desires. I know how you think and how you feel. I know the future. Nothing is out of My hands

Frustrations and Delays

Frustrations and delays are not what I have given to you, says the LORD. They are the work of the enemy. I never use confusion and I Am not the author of the trials and tribulation. I Am the author of PEACE. I have great peace for you even in the middle of conflict, says the LORD. For My peace

Hear My Voice

Hear My voice, says the LORD, for I Am constantly speaking to you. I will Shepherd you. I will keep you and provide for you night and day. I never sleep so that you can rest confidently in Me. I will not allow the enemy to invade you as you rest in Me, for I give My beloved sleep. REST!

My Plans for You

My plans for you never fail, says the LORD. Never. I Am always on time and nothing can alter or postpone My Word. I will do what I said I would do for you, in you and through you and nothing can stop Me. I do not make promises that I will not keep. I do not give you false

God That Builds You Up

I Am a GOD of increase and not decrease. I Am your GOD that builds you up. I do not tear you down. I give to you, I do not extract from you, says the LORD. I benefit you always, and that which is destructive and harmful is not of ME. You are My masterpiece, and on display in My

Created You for My Pleasure

I have created you for My pleasure and you are a treasure to Me, says the LORD. Do not see yourself as disregarded and without value. You are not laying on the shelf and collecting dust. You are not like costume jewelry, but as a pearl of great price. I value you! I have created you for My glory, says