Do Not Underestimate Me

Do not underestimate Me and what I Am doing in your life, says the Lord. For everything that I have created is very significant, and has purpose. I do not create things to be wasted and unproductive. I have formed you and placed you and empowered you by My Spirit in you to do the Work that I have called

I Have Scheduled Everything for You

I have scheduled everything for you in your life and everything is on schedule, says the LORD. For I never have a delay. I never make any mistakes. Nothing can detain Me, and I know all about you. I know what you need more than you do. I know exactly what where you need to be and when you need

I Do Not Make Any Mistakes

I do not make any mistakes, says the LORD. I did not create you by mistake, and I did not do so without thought or purpose or plan. Your destiny was sealed before you took your first breath. I knew you before you were formed in the womb of your mother. I already decreed over you. What I have called

Do Not Compromise!

Do not compromise, says the LORD. I do not want you to settle for less than I have promised you. Do not give up, and do not give in! For greater things are coming for those who wait on Me. I Am the creator of all things, and I have not ceased to create. I Am still planning. I Am

I Will Be with You Always

I will be with you always, says the LORD. Though others accuse you, I will not. Though others desire to harm you, I only have good things for you. I will not leave you defenseless, for I Am your defense. I will help you and uphold you, for I AM always the outcome! Trust in ME at all times. For

Keep on Pursuing Me

I will persue God's plan and purpose

Keep on pursuing Me and make Me your continual priority, says the LORD. I Am the same for you, the changeless One and the One who has kept you all the days of your life. I have not failed you, and I will not abandon you now. Make My will your priority and I will reveal it to you one

Look to Me

Look to Me for all things, says the LORD, for I Am your complete source in everything. I will lead and guide you continually as you silence the illegitimate and negative voices that are vying for your attention and place your focus on Me and My WORD, says the LORD. For there are many voices in the earth, and you

You Are Not a Castaway

You are not a castaway, says the LORD.  I have not thrown you away, overlooked you, forgotten you or abandoned you. You are not on the shelf collecting dust.  You are not just an ornament to look at either.  I have a purpose for you and the best that is yet to come.  Your past is not your goal.  Do not

Take Hold of My Promises

Take hold of My promises, says the LORD. They have not changed. They are not off the table. They are fixed and unimpeachable! They are real and not a mirage. I accomplish exactly what I say, and I DO what I promise. I give exactly what I said I would give you, and that includes the desires of your heart.

Excellantly and Extravagantly

I do all things excellantly and extravagantly, says the Lord. I Am more than enough. and I Am that for you. There is nothing hid from Me, for I Know all things. I Know your heart and see your greatest desires. I know how you think and how you feel. I know the future. Nothing is out of My hands