Hear My Voice

Hear My voice, says the LORD, for I Am constantly speaking to you. I will Shepherd you. I will keep you and provide for you night and day. I never sleep so that you can rest confidently in Me. I will not allow the enemy to invade you as you rest in Me, for I give My beloved sleep. REST!

My Plans for You

My plans for you never fail, says the LORD. Never. I Am always on time and nothing can alter or postpone My Word. I will do what I said I would do for you, in you and through you and nothing can stop Me. I do not make promises that I will not keep. I do not give you false

God That Builds You Up

I Am a GOD of increase and not decrease. I Am your GOD that builds you up. I do not tear you down. I give to you, I do not extract from you, says the LORD. I benefit you always, and that which is destructive and harmful is not of ME. You are My masterpiece, and on display in My

Created You for My Pleasure

I have created you for My pleasure and you are a treasure to Me, says the LORD. Do not see yourself as disregarded and without value. You are not laying on the shelf and collecting dust. You are not like costume jewelry, but as a pearl of great price. I value you! I have created you for My glory, says

Clarity of Your Purpose

New clarity of your purpose is unfolding in this season, says the LORD.  I Am bringing the fragmented areas of your life together that have been isolated and disconnected to perfectly fit into your purpose. You have many areas that in themselves do not make sense.  They seem to be a waste of time and only created distractions and delays. But as I

Your Personal Promised Land

My presence goes before you to lead you into your personal promised land, says the LORD. It is not behind you, but ahead of you.  Don’t look back at the failed attempts that you have experienced.  Look ahead to where I am leading you.  Your life is not going to be defined by your past, and the things of the past will NOT

There Is a Purpose

There is a purpose for everything, says the Lord. Delay is not denial. It is only delay in your eyes.  It only seems like denial to you.  I will always perform My will and My purposes in your life as you entrust your entire self to Me.  There is never anything that gets by Me when it pertains to you.  I

You Have a Purpose

You have a purpose.  I have placed it within you while you were in the womb of your mother. It has NOT changed, as I have not changed.  My purposes never change, says the LORD.  I have not changed My will or My plan or My Work concerning you.  I have called you and chosen you before you were even

My Kingdom

It is My pleasure to give you the Kingdom, says the Lord.  As you pray for My kingdom to come and My will to be done in your life, I will answer you with, YES.  Yes, I will cause My purposes in your life to unfold. Yes, I will create new things for you to be engaged in.  Yes, I

You Will Discover Your Highest Purpose

You will discover your highest purpose in Me, says the Lord.  You have longed to know what it is.  Press into My presence and glory and you will receive the answers to your questions and your needs.  It is in Me that you will find fulfillment.  It is in Me that you will find the secrets of your success.  It