I Will Heal and Restore You!

I will multiply your blessings and not subtract from you, says the LORD.  For I do not extract from you, but add. I  will not divide you and what I have given you in order to multiply you and your substance, as some naysayers may suggest. That is not of Me.  I do not cut you in pieces so that

I Am Inclusive

I Am inclusive, says the LORD. I said, Whosoever will may come and drink of the waters of life freely. That means you. You are not an exception, but you are accepted of ME. I will not banish you from My presence and My arms are held wide open to you to welcome you. You are not overlooked, undervalued, insignificant

Your Strength Is Renewable

Your strength is renewable in Me as you wait upon Me, says the LORD. Waiting is not worrying. Waiting is not working things out on your own. Waiting is not wailing. Waiting is not being stressed out. Waiting is not trusting in what you can do, what you can see, what others can do or what resources that you have.

I Will Renew You

As you wait on Me, I will renew your strength. I will renew you! I will be the cause and the effect, says the LORD. Wait for Me to give you the desires of your heart. You own efforts will not produce what I can do. Trust that I Am good for it. Believe that I Am a GOD of

I Have Separated You

I have separated you onto Myself, says the LORD.  You are My beloved child.  Come to Me as a little child with childlike faith and trust in ME, says the LORD.  I want you to learn that you cannot depend upon who you are, what you have, what you have achieved, what you can do or any other entitlement in

I Am Renewing Your Strength

Today I Am renewing your strength in My presence, says the Lord. You do not have to be exhausted. My strength is made perfect, complete in weakness. Be strong in Me, says the Lord. I did not make you inept. I am enabling you to stand. Yes, when you have done all you can, just stand. You can stare the