I Will Heal, Repair, Revive, Restore, Renew, Empower You

I will heal you, repair you, revive you, restore you, renew you, empower you, and use you for My purposes and glory says the LORD. NOTHING is off the table, and I will NOT compromise My Word, complicate the process, or make hurdles that cause delays. The enemy will do everything to distract you from what I have authored for you, but he cannot distract ME! I Am on point, on time, and always on task, says the LORD.

Healing is not just a provision, but it is for you to possess, as I have already purchased this for you, says the LORD. What belongs to you is not in the hands of the enemy. I Am the ONE who daily loads you with benefits and you can have everything that you need, and enjoy My blessings that I will continually pour out into your life as you make Me your source. My supply can never be depleted, and I do not have to take from one to give to another. What belongs to you is YOURS, and because you belong to ME, you have access to everything that I have purchased, planned and prescribed for you, and your unwavering faith in Me will be continually rewarded, says the LORD.

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