You Have a Living Hope!

Your happiness is not dependent upon your circumstances, says the LORD.  Your joy in Me is your strength.  Your hope is not empty as others who have no faith in Me.  You have a lively hope, because of My grace that I have given you as you have believed in Me and received Me as the LORD of your life. 

Hear My Voice!

Hear ME now, says the LORD.  For I Am speaking.  You have heard the voice of others. You have listened to their opinions. You have heard the screeching sound of circumstances that are endeavoring to dictate. You have heard the roar of the enemy as he seeks to devour and destroy.  You have even heard your own thoughts that are

Everything Is In My Control!

          Everything is in My control, says the LORD.  Do not fret about the things that you see and hear about, and know that the unknown future is KNOWN by Me,  and in My control.  I Am the COMMANDER IN CHIEF, and what I speak will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  My WORD will be fulfilled,

Trust in Me

Am I Trusting God

Do not put your trust in your own inferior feelings and thoughts, says the LORD, for they will betray you if you focus on them. Come up higher, and I will give you a fresh perspective. For My thoughts and ways are higher than yours and not limited to the boundaries of any man. I Am unlimited in space and

Trust in My Finished Work

Trust in My finished work on the cross for you, says the LORD. Trust in My blood that has cleansed you from all unrighteousness. I have removed the spots and blemishes. I have removed the marks and stains. I have removed the ravages of sin as I have purged you in the refiner’s fire and washed you in My blood.

You Have Heard My Word

You have heard My Word, and those who have waited upon Me and trusted in Me will see the manifestations of MY WORD! For I will bring it to pass! I will send My healing Word and heal the sick. I will send My delivering Word to deliver the oppressed! I will send My Word with lightning speed and it

I Will Never Forsake You

I will never forsake you, says the LORD. You are unforgettable. You are always in My thoughts and My heart is knit with those who love Me and trust in Me as their LORD! I will give you everything that you need and honor your prayers. You will know My promises as I fulfill then. You will eat at My

Be Quiet

Be quiet, says the LORD. Settle down! You do not have to have a tantrum to get My attention. You do not have to raise your voice to Me as if My ears cannot hear. For I know even your silent thoughts. I hear the cry of your heart that is in groanings that cannot be spoken by you. I

I Am More than Enough

I Am more than enough for you, says the LORD. I Am all that you need. I Am all that you could ever want. I Am unlimited and what I have for you is always good. I have made you for a special purpose and you are unique and valued by Me. Trust that when I created you, I made

Look Ahead

Look ahead, says the LORD, for what is ahead is your destiny. Your past is past. Your future is determined by Me. It is your destiny and it is good. Do not fret about the days ahead, for I will hold you by my own right hand and give you My grace and glory, keep you sure-footed and keep you