Believe In Miracles

I Am A GOD of miracles, says the LORD. Believe! Just believe in ME. Trust in Me. Believe My Word! Know that I have unlimited power. I Am the HIGHEST, and there is no greater power. I Am with you always, and Nothing is beyond My ability. Nothing is beyond My reach. Nothing is impossible with Me, as you believe, says the LORD.

Come to Me as a little child, says the LORD. Learn My ways. Know that you are always loved by Me. The things that you ask Me for, are simple and easy for Me. Do not bring Me down to your level of understanding but come up higher. My understanding is infinite. I Am unlimited in power and I have the solutions to your situations. I do not need you to figure out how I will do it. Just come as a child and know that I AM your Everlasting Father that cares for your soul, and I will answer you. I will do the miraculous, if you will surrender everything to My care, and leave everything to Me. I will answer you, and you will not be disappointed, as you wait on Me to act on your behalf, says the LORD.

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