Great is My faithfulness to you, says the LORD. There is no other that can claim perfect love for you like I have. No other can boast of their faithfulness when they compare their record to Mine. For I cannot fail you, and I will not. Those times when you felt that you stood alone, as others abandoned you and forsook you in your affliction, know that I remained, faithfully by your side. Do not let your feelings betray you. For the unseen is greater than that which you can see. The unheard is far beyond what your ears can hear. The unknown to you is superior, says the LORD.

For I Am with you, always, says the LORD. I go far beyond your understanding, your knowledge, what you see and what seems real to you. I Am your reality, and My understanding is infinite. You cannot see and understand and know all My ways, but be assured that I Am on task, see the invisible things, and know the hidden man of the heart. I cannot be out-witted, and no power can conquer Me. Do not be dismayed, for I Am with you, always, and you are fully secure in Me, as I fight your battles for you, and always win. You will never need to feel inferior or alone, for I will always be on your side to give you absolute victory, every time, as you place your trust in me, says the LORD.

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