Promises Kept

A promise is a promise, says the LORD. I do not promise you something and look for a loop hole so that I do not have to fulfill it. I will keep My promises and fulfill everything that you will believe Me for. It is your faith that pleases Me. JUST believe, and receive all that I have spoken to you, and take Me at My WORD. You do not have to make it happen or try to fulfill MY PROMISES to you. I will do it by Myself, and you will be the receiver, not the doer, says the LORD.

I will not break covenant with you and will not take back what I freely give you, says the LORD. For that is what the enemy does. He never tells the truth, never gives any benefits, and never had anything for you that will not cost you dearly! You will not pay for the gifts but will believe Me for them. You will enjoy what I give and there will be an abundant supply for you, says the LORD.

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