Stay on the course, says the LORD. Do not veer off the path. It is straight and narrow. Be of the few that find it as you do not go to the left or the right. It is NOT an obstacle course. It is not a maze that you get stuck in, confused by, or trapped. It is not full of curves and barriers. There are no detours and alternative routes. There are no shortcuts and there are no optional courses. You must take the path that is ahead of you, as I lead you in this path of righteousness. The wide road that leads to destruction may be popular, but you are not to follow the crowd, says the LORD.

Dare to trust in Me, when you feel alone, says the LORD. For I Am more than enough for you, and I AM with you, always. My servant John was banished on the Isle of Patmos, but I revealed Myself to Him. He suffered tribulation, and yet He walked in My Spirit. He was caught up in MY Spirit! I showed Him things to come. He saw Me as the true and faithful ONE. I Am faithful and true to you, says the LORD, and as you walk with Me, I will show you things to come. I will reveal to you the secrets of My heart and give you everything that you need. I will hold your hand and keep you from falling. I will lead and guide you with My eye, into all TRUTH and you will not stumble and fall, but be sure footed, as I hold you up and insure your safety and well-being as you stay the course, says the LORD.

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