Am I Trusting God

Trust in the LORD

Am I Trusting GodTrust in Me at all time, says the Lord. For yesterday was a day to trust in Me. Today is no different. And if you are going to stand at all, you will stand in trust in Me, the living GOD, the All-wise God, the ever-present GOD, the all-powerful God in the midst of you, that has not abandoned you, has not left you, has not changed at all. I have not moved from My place, says the LORD.

Be in Me, all that I Am, complete, without any missing components, says the LORD. For did not I say that you are complete in Me? I didn’t say that you will be. I said that you are. So, let that be in your mind, renewed by My Word, fortified by My presence and My Spirit that fortifies you, keeps you strong, and I will keep you standing. But you have to stand. And I will hold you up and I will keep you from falling. I will cover you. I will under gird you. I will surround you with My angelic presence if you will but stand in Me, and know that I cannot be moved, says the LORD.

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