Where is Your Faith?

Where is your faith? Says the Lord. I ask you, what can man do for you in comparison to what I can do? Are you trusting another or yourself, or are you trusting Me? For what I can do is not going to cost you. I have paid for it completely, by My shed blood for you and My finished work on the cross. Nothing is for sale for what I give you, and you are not required to earn favor from Me. I have freely given you all things, and your help comes from Me at no cost to you, except your faith and trust in Me, says the LORD.

Do not trust in things, says the LORD. Nothing is “fool proof”. You must learn to trust Me in the smallest things, as well as the big, impossible things. Practice your faith in Me and know that I Am a GOD of detail. I care about the least hair on your head, so much to count it. I know the color, the place and the size of each. I know every cell of your body. I know the hidden man of the heart. I know the way that you take, and I KNOW everything about you. I Am your ever-present help in time of trouble, and the scope of it does not matter. Did you think that it does? For little annoying trouble and huge, impossible difficulties are no different to Me. I will help you with all that you will entrust to My care. Let your heart be untroubled as you come onto Me for rest, knowing that I Am your caregiver, and all is well, says the LORD.

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  1. Amen!Thank You Father!

  2. Amen. Hallelujah!!! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Amen.I have seen the difference between what the Lord will do and what man will do for me:God’s is already a finished work,and you have to wait patiently for what He has promised to unfold just at the right time.But the enemy demands a great effort from you,as you have to bring a head to receive a head from the devil!

  4. Brethren,the devil always have his own should I say ‘prototype’ of what the LORD has promised!Because he wants to be like God,so he tries to duplicate the original!If the LORD says He is coming back in the glory of His Father,the devil also gives his power to his own anti christ to come,and deceive the world into thinking he is Christ!You see?What the LORD promised you that He would do He have already finished it,and it for an appointed time,but the enemy also have his own fettish plan for you,will want you to take laws into your hands in order to bring what the LORD has said,even when the LORD didn’t say go and take by your power,I will bring to you.The kingship promised to David is an example of what am saying.The Lord would give it him at the right time,but the enemy wants him to eliminate Saul in order to take it,and thereby sin against God!David must have battled so many thoughts and friends that advised him to take it by himslf,bt the LORD preserved him frm bloodshed.I believe this piece is for someone

  5. Ameen. Lovely words from the solder of the cross. He has done it all. Not now long time ago

  6. Hallelujah and Amen !!! Thank you, Lord, for your gift of GRACE & LOVING CARE…

  7. All is well thank you LORD

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