Remember that there is a time for EVERY PURPOSE under the sun, says the LORD. Everything has a time and season that I have set forth before the foundation of the earth was laid. Your beginning and end as well as everything in between has already been authored, and I will also finish it as you will not be an incomplete. You need not fret at the pace that I set. Sometimes you will do NOTHING as you sit still and wait on Me. Other times you will run. At times you will walk. There will be giant steps, baby steps, but always I Am in charge of your times and seasons, says the LORD.

Do not fret and become impatient about the process, says the LORD. I will KNOW when the time is right to launch you into a new direction. I know where you are, what you are doing, and what you are thinking and always hear your prayers and the cry of your heart. Your destiny purpose is in My hands that formed you for MY PURPOSES and PLEASURE, and you will become a peculiar treasure and pleasure to me as I complete the good work that I have begun in you and send you forth as a furnished vessel of honor that is fitting for My use, says the LORD.

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