perfect peace

Abiding Peace

perfect peace I Am your peace and your portion, says the LORD. Let the peace that I have given you bring you into a confident resting place in Me. For you can have My peace in the middle of any storm that comes up suddenly and ferociously. Unexpected difficulties cannot rob you of Me, nor the peace I give you, if you do not focus on the temporal but the eternal things that can never be altered, destroyed or removed. The winds of adversity cannot destroy you or the house that you have built upon Me and My Word, that is a foundation that will withstand the floodgates of the enemy that come against you. The storms will come and go, but I will NEVER come and GO. My WORD will never change, and you will stand, undefeated, unscathed, unharmed after the storms of life. You will rise above everything that comes to assault you, because you are firmly planted in My kingdom, rooted and grounded in Me and MY Word that will work for you, says the LORD.

You will not be moved, though the raging seas of life pound against you, says the LORD. I will surround you and be a wall of fire about you and My glory within you. I will under gird you, cover you, and hold you up. AS your keeper, I will KEEP YOU TOGETHER, so that you will not fall, nor fall apart! I will make you whole and KEEP you intact, because I Am unfailing, and My grace is unfailing for you. My love is unfailing for You, and My Word cannot fail. You will not be moved or removed, but I will keep you standing tall and My peace will be your portion forevermore, as you keep your mind stayed on Me, and trust in Me. You will have My perfect peace as your gift that will never be removed, even as you are fixed securely in Me, says the LORD.

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