I do NOT have any problems, says the LORD. You are not a problem to Me. You are NOT a burden. You cannot trouble Me by your troubles, no matter what they are! You cannot weigh Me down with your burdens that are heavy for you to bear. Cast them onto Me! ALL OF THEM! Do you think that I would refuse to bear them for you? I want you trouble-free and unburdened. That is why I tell you to let Me carry all of them, so that you can be free, says the LORD.

As soon as you decide to allow Me to bear the concerns that cause you to lose sleep, become anxious and fret, I will take them and give you peace and rest for your soul, says the LORD. You can bear them yourself or you can relinquish them to Me. CHOOSE to entrust Me with the care of them and allow My peace to penetrate every portion of your being. I will cradle you in My arms, reassure you that ALL IS WELL, and you will be confident that everything will WORK out for your good, as I have everything in My control, says the Lord.

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