Be Bold, Strong, and Courageous

Be bold, strong and courageous, says the LORD. Stand up! Gear up and face the challenges that are affronting you! Do not use avoidance or allow the enemy’s threats to push you back into the corner, as you become paralyzed with fear. Bare your teeth and find your tongue! For the roar of the enemy is NO MATCH for My ready, powerful Word that I have given you that is in your heart. My powerful Word needs to proceed out of your own mouth, to activate it in your environs, says the LORD.

There needs to be action on your part, says the LORD. ARISE TO THE OCCASION, for I have prepared you for every battle, and given you superior weapons of warfare that cannot be overpowered or destroyed. They are MIGHTY THROUGH Me, and I AM with you and on your side! You have everything that you need from Me to be successful, for as you engage the difficulties, you will do so with My power that I give you from ON HIGH, and you will not only overcome, but you will have the victory, and become an undefeated Champion in MY kingdom, and overwhelm the enemy, disarm him, destroy his diabolical works, defeat his purposes, spoil his camps and claim NEW territories as you PUSH HIM BACK, and possess the land, says the LORD.

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