Don’t get angry with Me, says the LORD. I Am ON YOUR SIDE! I am not the one who afflicts, but I Am your Healer. I Am not the one who impoverishes. I give you daily benefits and GOOD things to enjoy. It is the enemy that steals, sickens, weakens, kills, and destroys. Remember that I have come to destroy his diabolical works, and I cannot agree with evil. My goodness and mercy for you endures forever, and that includes yesterday, today and forever! I have rebuked the destroyer for your sake, and I take NO PLEASURE in your pain, says the LORD.

My understanding is infinite, and yours is very small in comparison. TRUST in what I KNOW and what I SEE, for my vision is unlimited. Your vision and understanding are cloudy. Just trust in My wisdom and knowledge that fills the earth. Trust that I AM with you, always, as your friend, not your enemy. I will take care of you in those things that you know and everything that is unknown to you. I KNOW THE FUTURE, and I know where you are, what you are going through, and what you need. BELIEVE that I Am your loving, compassionate Savior and LORD and feel your pain. Do not become tempted by the enemy that wants you to blame me for your circumstances. For I AM your abiding help, comfort and deliverer, and I will not let you perish in the hands of the enemy, because I love you, and YOU BELONG TO ME, says the LORD.

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