Don’t give up when the battle rages and do not compromise or give into the enemy, says the LORD. I will give you the victory, as you stand, fight, and engage the enemy. It is not a time to retreat or cower. Defeat is not an option and set-backs are not what I am authorizing. The absence of conflict is not the proof of My will being accomplished in your life or the direction I am taking you, says the LORD.

You will conquer and overcome as you realize that I Am the Greater One within, the One standing along-side to Help You, says the LORD. You cannot be overpowered in Me, as long as you cling to Me, refuse to budge or back down, and Hold onto My nail-scarred hand. I will always cause you to triumph in Me as you face the enemy head-on and use the greater weapons that I have given you, until the enemy is pushed back, defeated, and certain victory is won, says the LORD.

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