Don’t Let Disappointments Dictate Your Destiny

Don’t let your disappointments dictate your destiny, says the LORD. Leave them behind you and do not allow them to occupy your mind. Focus on what lies ahead, for your past cannot prevail against your future if you do not look back. Position yourself to press forward rather than being pushed back by the memories of past failures. For I never planned for you to fail, but have prepared you to succeed, says the LORD.

You are not a failure and you will not be an incomplete, says the LORD. What I begin, I always complete, and it is a perfect work, not one with flaws. You are MY workmanship, and you will be without spot, wrinkle and blemish as I sanctify you and make you holy by My Spirit in you. You will not be disappointed in what lies ahead, for My good plans for you are unfailing, and you will fulfill everything that I have called you to do, without failure as I give you renewed strength, restored vision, and the wisdom and power to complete your purposes that I have ordained for your life, says the LORD.

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