Enter into My rest, says the LORD. It is there for you as you entrust Me with your care and let me take control of your life and circumstances and those of your loved ones. You have wrung your hands enough, lost enough sleep and tried everything you can do and nothing has changed. Nothing is fixed. Nothing has moved and nothing has happened. You cannot, but I can, says the LORD.

You cannot part a Red Sea, says the LORD. You cannot shut a lion’s mouth. You cannot quench any fiery dart of the wicked one. You cannot do one thing without Me, so why not wait on Me to do it? I not only can help you, but I WILL! I Am the answer to every question, the solution for every problem, and the remedy for everything that is troubling to you and those you are concerned about. I AM CONCERNED ABOUT YOU, and I CAN DO everything that you need. Nothing takes be by surprise or overwhelms Me, says the LORD.

Rest and cease from your own labors and abandon yourself to Me, for when you do, and when you simply stand still, you will see My Salvation! I will make a way for you. I will part the sea, I will break down the walls, I will shut the lion’s mouths, and I will put out the hellish fires of that are assaulting you. Your rest comes as you exercise the faith that I have given you, and you place everything and everyone into My hands. I will take care of you and everything and everyone else as you entrust all to My care and just REST, knowing that not only Am I able, but I will, says the LORD.

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