Everything has a purpose that will be revealed in time, says the LORD. Evil has a purpose, for I will turn it round and use it for My glory and to show forth My mighty power in your life. Evil cannot control, for I AM the SOVEREIGN. I can harden a heart as I did Pharaoh’s to show that I Am superior. Nothing takes Me by surprise and no power moves Me. I Am in control and there is none other that can direct Me, order Me, frighten Me or detain My purposes and plans from being fulfilled to the very letter and punctuation marks as I have dictated, says the LORD.

I will implement My plans and fulfill every purpose that I have set forth, on schedule, says the LORD. NOTHING can hinder ME, distract Me or cause Me any delays. I will bring judgment and justice and you will not need not envy the workers of iniquity. For My judgment will not be withheld forever, for the righteousness of MY OWN name. I cannot ignore those who have harmed you without cause and I will not justify their evil works and deeds. BUT I will restore you and turn things around for you. Though you have suffered, you will reign in life as a king. You have had sorrow, but your joy will be full. I will reward you for your faithful endurance of the hardships you have faced, as I tempered you. You will be promoted, blessed and fully fulfilled as My ready warrior that has been proven to be a trusted vessel of honor that I will use for My glory and I will rain down My grace and mercy upon you and give you everything that you ask Me for, and you will be restored, says the LORD.

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