God will FulfillI Am your purpose. I Am the plan. I Am your ultimate destiny, says the LORD. When you seek Me with all of your heart, you will find your destiny purpose. I Am the Way. Just keep walking in the light. For I Am the light, and My light is in you, because I Am in you. Keep moving. You are becoming, for you live and move and have your being in Me. You are complete in Me, says the LORD.

I Am never less than perfect, so when you remain in Me, you will be perfected by Me, says the LORD. I Am in the midst of you, and because I AM bigger than you, you will become bigger than yourself as I overshadow you, undergird you, surround you and fill you with My Spirit, and you dwell in ME, says the LORD. Since you are in My hands that created you for purpose, and your times are in My hands, and no power can pluck you out of My hands, you will always be on time, as you continue to make Me your trust, says the LORD.

Since I Am always on time, there is never any delays, never any denials, never any failures, never any boundaries, says the LORD. For as I order your steps and enlighten your path, I will always lead you and guide you into all truth. For I Am the Truth that liberates you and sets you free, and brings you into your Promised Land of blessings, says the LORD.

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