I Don’t Pressure, Stress or Stretch You

I’m not pressuring you, stressing you or stressing you to the breaking point, says the LORD. I Am gentle and kind, and I will not push and shove, but I will lead you. The enemy is the one who is the mastermind of stress and he will shove you and bully you and cause you to be overwhelmed. I AM your PEACE, and I give you peace that remains. Keep your mind fixed on ME rather than all those things that you feel compelled to do. Just do one thing at a time. Who told you to multitask? Did I multitask and turn every which way when I created the heavens and the earth? I made ONE THING at a time, and it was good. You can do what is right before you and not turn in every direction that will make you dizzy and spin like a top, says the LORD.

I have given you everything that you need to be as I AM so that as I do all things well, so can you, through the strength and ability that I GIVE YOU! I want you to enjoy your walk WITH ME, and enter into MY REST that remains for you, as you entrust everything in to My care, partner with me as you become yoked with Me, and know that I am not zig-zagging. You can do all things through Me and the strength that I give you, as you do one thing at a time. I give you peace that passes all understanding and it is my desire that you not only have it, but live in the realm of My peace, says the LORD.

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