I Have Set You Free

I have set you free, says the LORD. Walk in that liberty! Don’t become ensnared in those things that once bound and imprisoned you. I have brought you out of darkness that could even be FELT, and brought you into My Kingdom of light, where there is NO darkness at all! Walk in the light that I have given you! I have taken you out of certain defeat into absolute victory. Will you then go back into the bondage of fear? I have released you out of the prison of hopelessness, and given you a sure hope in Me. Don’t wallow in a sense of hopelessness. Hope in Me always, says the LORD.

I have given you My peace, and you are to come into My rest that is there for you, if you will only believe, says the LORD. For anxiety is not what I have given you. I have given you peace in the middle of conflict, in the middle of any storm, in the middle of any circumstance. Live in My peace and do not become bound again by fear. For those things you have gone through already are the proof that I was with you at all times to help you to overcome. Can you walk with Me in total trust, so that you are no longer tormented by fear of the uncertain future? You are NOT bound. I have set you free, so walk in freedom as I will give you joy for the Journey, says the LORD.

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