Every Word that I have spoken is the TRUTH, and has no elements in it that are deceptive, or questionable, says the LORD. My Word, like MY TRUTH, endures FOREVER. I honor MY WORD, and perform it to the jot and tittle, and Every punctuation mark in My Word will come to pass. There is NOTHING that I have spoken that will not be meticulously and completely and perfectly fulfilled! I watch over MY WORD to perform it, and there is NO POWER that can nullify it or change it to suit them, says the LORD.

Did you think I became silent? I framed the worlds by My Word, says the LORD. I AM still speaking, still decreeing, still declaring, still sending MY WORD to heal and deliver! MY word is powerful, penetrating, life giving, creating, delivering and unstoppable. There is no wall or barrier that can keep My Word back. For it is irresistible and I HAVE THE FINAL SAY! I Am the Sovereign! I will do everything I please and fulfill every Word that I have decreed over you and your life, and NONE can alter it, stop it, or delay it! For what is man that can keep ME BACK? I Am the LIVING Word, and I will do EXACTLY what I said I would do. You can trust in Me, and KNOW that truth wins, and I AM the Way, the TRUTH and the LIFE in all who believe in Me and MY ETERNAL Word, and you will not be disappointed in ME, as I accomplish everything that I have decreed over you, says the LORD.

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