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I Hear the Cry of Your Heart

God AnswersYou do not have to scream to get My attention, says the LORD. I not only hear your slightest whisper, but I know your thoughts and hear the cry of your heart. I understand you, and all that you are feeling. You are precious to Me, and you are always in My sight. I will never ignore you or be oblivious of your needs. I know your pain and see your sorrow, and I will give you comfort and turn your sorrow into joy, as I give you an answer of peace, says the LORD.

You will have the help that you need, says the LORD. I AM your help! I am your source, and there is nothing that I cannot and will not do for you. Just believe and hold onto My Nail scarred hand and let Me lead you and gently guide you. You will not be empty, but full. I will oversupply you, so that you will have more than enough. You will be blessed to be a blessing, and I will renew your strength as you wait on me, and place your trust in Me, says the LORD.

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