I Hear the Silent Cry of Your Heart

I hear the silent cry of your heart, says the LORD.  I can see every thought, every intent, every unspoken trauma, and I care.  I know the sound of your voice as you pray, and I hear your faintest whisper.  You do not have to shout or wave your arms to get my attention, for I Am not far from you, but near very near.  I Am closer to you than any other, and My love for you is unchanging, unimpeachable and powerful.  You will never know another purer love than that which I have given you, for I do not have selfish motives.  I will remain faithful to you at all times and will comfort you on every side when you are troubled on every side.  I AM that strong arm that you can lean on and I will hold you up and keep you steady and stable on your feet, says the LORD.

I Am with you all through the night as well as the day, says the LORD.  When things are bleak, I Am with you.  When things go wrong, I will help you to endure.  When nothing goes your way, just come with ME, and I will make a way of escape for you.  I will help you through the midnight crisis as you face the darkest trials of your life.  You will come through them!  You will not be destroyed by any power!   I hear your prayers, and I will answer you in power and authority, for I AM your everlasting FATHER, and you are MY everlasting child, because you have received Me as your only Savoir and Lord of your life, says the LORD.

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