Believe in My promises, says the LORD. I Am a promise keeper. Believe in My covenant with you. I will NOT break covenant with you. My mercy for you endures forever. I cannot forget you, and you are ever before Me. I know the number of your days. I took count of the hairs on your head. I see your thoughts and hear even the silent cry of your heart. You are not out of My hands that have formed you, and you are never out of my sight. You are always in My thoughts that are good for you.  I cannot turn My back on you when you cry out to Me for help.  I take notice of you and understand your sorrow.  I know the pain that you have, and I will heal you, says the LORD.

I will mend your broken heart, and loose you from the chains that have held you back, says the LORD. SEE? The prison doors have been open for you. The shackles have fallen to the ground. You are no longer held in captivity, but I have set you free, so that you can serve Me. I have exchanged your sorrow for My joy, and given you comfort and peace. I will give you joy and fill your heart with gladness. Come and let Me embrace you, so that you can have rest. Trust in Me, and know that I Am your comforter and I will heal all of your wounds, says the LORD.



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