God Answers

I Will Answer!

God AnswersWhen you cry out onto Me, be assured that I have heard the voice of your cry, says the LORD.  I will answer you.  Hold onto My unfailing hand.  Hold onto your faith and trust in Me at all times.  It is not over.  You are not done. I Am not finished with you, and I Am NOT done.  I Am on task, on time, and continually aware and working.  I Am not deaf, and neither are you!  You have My still, small voice within you.  YOU CAN AND DO HEAR, says the LORD.

When I seem silent, watch and wait.  I HAVE HEARD and I have seen and I am NOT ignoring you. I AM AWARE of YOU as well as mindful of your cry and take notice of all you need.  I know where you are, not only physically, but spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, financially and situationally. I UNDERSTAND, and I CARE, not only about your concerns, but you!  I know you, all about your concerns, and I love you unimpeachably.  Keep the faith, and wait on Me, KNOWING that I Am with you always, even when you cannot see me, hear me or see Me at Work. JUST BELIEVE and Trust in ME and Wait, says the LORD.  I will answer!

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