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I Will Brighten Your Path

path to godI iwll I will brighten your path that is before you and make the way plain, says the LORD. You will not need to fear that you are going the wrong direction, as long as you walk in the light that I will always give you. Trust that it is NOT a guessing game. I have a precise way, a perfect time, and will lead you in the right direction at all times and seasons in your life. I order your steps, and they are distinctly according to My will and My purpose that I have for you, says the LORD.

I will not take you round and round, or in a difficult maze that seems to have many dead ends, says the LORD. As I led the Children of Israel in the wilderness, by My cloud by day and My fire by night, when I moved forward, they followed Me. Didn’t I tell you that MY PRESENCE will go before you and I will give you peace? You will have peace in following MY WILL, and the absence of peace will let you know that you have not waited upon Me to move and prepare the path ahead of you. Just do the steps I ordain for you and follow MY LEAD. Keep your eyes on Me all the time, and do not veer off to the left or right. Just walk in the light. For it is there. When I move forward, you are to move. When I stand still, you are also to stand still. Just be patient and trust in the times and seasons that I have set forth for you, and KNOW that as you follow Me, you will never get lost or stray or lose your way, says the LORD.

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