I Will Give You Answers of Peace

 Nothing takes Me by surprise, say the LORD. Your situations are KNOWN by Me, way ahead of time, and I have already made a way of escape for you, before you even knew about them! I Am the first and the last, and know all the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and your steps have been ordered by Me. I will surround you with My everlasting goodness and mercy, and hold you close to My heart. You will know that I AM in control, when everything seems out of control for you, says the LORD.

Fret NOT! For there is nothing that you are facing that I cannot take care of for you and those you love, says the LORD. Is this too hard for you? It is NOT too difficult for Me. I will give you the answers of peace and show you the way. My presence is always with you to give you provision, protection, and empower you to overcome anything that you face. Trust in My Love for you that is constant, and unchanging. All is well, says the LORD, for I do all things well, and you are the work of My hands, and not forsaken, says the LORD.

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