My will is not a mystery, but something that you will KNOW, says the LORD. It is not a guessing game. I will show you the path of GOOD success in Me and order every single step. I will take you by My own right hand and lead you gently on. You will have My still, small voice within you and YOU WILL HEAR ME, as you become still in My presence and squelch out the racket all around you that is vying for your attention. My voice is distinct, clear and quiet, but if you listen, you will not only hear Me, but you will KNOW that it is MY VOICE that is speaking to you, says the LORD.

Listen to My voice, says the LORD. You will find that it is reassuring and comforting, not conflicting and stress producing. I will quiet your fears, vanquish your anxiety and calm your nerves as you learn to trust in My Ways, that will always bring you into a place of safety and well-being. You can do as I did, as I fell asleep in the ship when the sea was raging, the winds were howling, and the storm raged on. You can be at peace when nothing is peaceful around you, knowing that I Am YOUR PEACE, your place of safety, and your assurance that I have you in the very palm of My hands. Nothing shall harm you as you trust in Me and believe that I will bring you safely through any storm in life, untouched and you will reach the other side without fear or failure, says the LORD.

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