You are never safe and secure outside of My will for your life, says the LORD. When you abide in My Word, you will also obey My voice, and it will be well for you. Even as I said that My sheep will hear My voice and follow Me, you will also hear and follow. I will command, and when you obey, it will be well with you, says the LORD.

There is no place of refuge outside of My presence and you will always be kept by Me, as you abide in Me and My Words live in you, says the LORD. Do not venture out on your own, for I desire you to be led by Me. Just follow Me and do My bidding, for I will never lead you astray or put you in harm’s way. Even when you stray, I will find you and bring you back into My fold, where you will be nourished and comforted. Trust that I know best and have only good things for you. As you follow My voice, then you will be secure, as I will protect you, shelter you and provide for you continually, says the LORD.

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