Nothing takes me by surprise, says the LORD. I know the end from the beginning and everything between. You can see a little ahead as you anticipate the future, but I KNOW everything in advance. I see clearly every pitfall that the enemy has planned for you, and know the very things he is devising in secret, for nothing is hid from Me. As I direct your path and also order every step that you are to take, I Am way ahead of you. I will warn you of the secret plots against you and prepare a way of escape for you, says the LORD.

The sudden storms that you face are in My foreknowledge as well, says the LORD. I will secure you in the most violent storms in life as I keep you in the palm of my hands, comfort you in any sorrow and help you to get make it through them safely. I will be with you to give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding that you need, just for the asking. In every time and season that you will go through, I will be with you as a friend that sticks closer than a brother, and you will not face uncertainties alone. I will be your counselor, your companion, and your ally. I Am your sufficiency at all times, and you will know that I AM always right there by your side, and you will never be alone, says the LORD.

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