Hear My Word, Obey My voice, and follow My commands as I lead you and guide you, says the LORD. I Will not send you into battle without LEADING YOU, for I Am the CAPTAIN of the HOSTS of the Armies of the LIVING GOD. You will never face a Goliath without being fully prepared, well-trained, armed and dangerous by MY SPIRIT. I will be with you to ensure that the enemy will not prevail against you. MY VOICE is within you and you will KNOW MY VOICE. OBEY MY VOICE and it will be what leads you, propels you and gives you the direction that may not make any sense too others or fit into their agenda, but will fulfill My purposes for you, as you follow MY command, says the LORD.

There is no end to the opinions of others, says the LORD. IF you endeavor to please them, you will be running around in circles. You will not have any clear direction, and you will always be confused. IF you follow the negative and threatening voice of the enemy, you will cower in dread and fear of everything he has devised to stop you from fulfilling your destiny. LISTEN TO MY VOICE. I will instruct you. I will equip you. I will lead you. I will guide you. I will help you to do everything I assign you to do. DO not even pay any heed to your own inferior thoughts and discard your own ideas and abandon your own reasoning. What you understand will only bring you into an earthly, sensual wisdom that is not from above. My voice will lead you and My understanding is infinite. TRUST IN MY VOICE and be assured that I will confirm My WORD, and perform it, and you will only become what I desire you to be, when you become a doer of MY WORD, My voice, My command, says the LORD.

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