My grace is greater than your sin, says the LORD. My grace is sufficient to help you not to allow sin to rule over you. Though I have forgiven you and cleansed you from all unrighteousness, I have empowered you to overcome besetting sin, and to walk in righteousness and holiness that I have imputed into you. Walk in the light that I have given you. Let the faith that belongs to you in gifting, measure and My Word become your Walk. As you walk in My Word, you will be walking in My light. As you walk in My Word that is in you, your faith will give you the ability to overcome the World, and you will not want to walk in sin and darkness. says the Lord.

My light will be as a lamp onto your feet, and darkness will not be able to invade you, says the LORD. I have set My seal upon you, and My name is on you. You belong to Me. My Word is within. Let My Word order your steps and be your forever Counsel. For as you Walk in Me, you will be filled with My power to overcome everything that endeavors to defeat you. I will help you to overcome as you submit yourself onto Me. You can then run resistance against the darkness, devils and defeat that desire to overwhelm you. You will be victorious, as you use what I have given you and walk in My Word and My light and My faith in Me and My finished work on the cross. You will be able to die to self and arise with Me in My resurrection power and life, and live a separate and holy life that I have called you to do, says the LORD.

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