Wholehearted Praise

Take off the heavy cost of depression and throw it far away from you, says the LORD. None of those dark thoughts come from Me. The tormenting and troubling thoughts that cause you doubt and fear and depression are of the enemy. Give them NO PLACE, and put on My garment of praise that I have prepared for you. Do not just put it over top of the depression to cover it up, but strip off all the depressive things that the evil one has put on you. You do not have to wear them, because they do not fit you. Praise and thanksgiving is a perfect fit, and it becomes you, enhances and beautifies you as My beloved offspring, says the LORD.

You can praise Me wholeheartedly when you think on GOOD THINGS rather than the evil and darkness that is around you. You are in the world, but not of it. As an eagle soars above the storm clouds, so shall you ascend in new heights of My glory. You will rise above the darkness, into the light of My Kingdom, as I radiate My face upon you. You will glide effortlessly above the storms of life, knowing that you are in My care. You will not be under, but over, and as you praise Me, you will begin to rise and shine, and know that your light has come that puts away the dark depression and insures victory over every evil intention of the enemy, says the LORD.

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